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Yesterday was...

Friday the 17th.
The number 17 is bad luck in Italy. I don't know why.
People don't have appointments on this day e.g. my boss didn't have any problem getting a dentist's appointment. While I was picking up my supermarket card, the lady at the counter <who I must say is a darling> rmarked on the date. We had just spoken about me being from the States, New York and 9/11.
I said, "Do you know what number is considered unlucky in the States?"
"Thirteen" she answered.
"And Friday the 13th is considered bad luck. Do you know how many Friday the 17ths I passed while I was in the States and didn't know it? Do you know how many Friday the 13ths you have passed in Italy without knowing it?"
Se just looked at me and understood.

Superstitions are stupedstitions.