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Writer's Block: Love is timeless

What is your opinion of relationships where there is a significant age difference between partners?

Ama e fa ciò che vuoi - St. Augustine

Writer's Block: Out of fashion

If you could choose which fashions would go out of style permanently, what would you choose, and why?

Low cut jeans...

Jul. 11th, 2009

Walk softly and carry a big stick.

Yesterday was...

Friday the 17th.
The number 17 is bad luck in Italy. I don't know why.
People don't have appointments on this day e.g. my boss didn't have any problem getting a dentist's appointment. While I was picking up my supermarket card, the lady at the counter <who I must say is a darling> rmarked on the date. We had just spoken about me being from the States, New York and 9/11.
I said, "Do you know what number is considered unlucky in the States?"
"Thirteen" she answered.
"And Friday the 13th is considered bad luck. Do you know how many Friday the 17ths I passed while I was in the States and didn't know it? Do you know how many Friday the 13ths you have passed in Italy without knowing it?"
Se just looked at me and understood.

Superstitions are stupedstitions.


During my English Conversation class I started asking around the class..

"Do you smoke?"

and one girl, who had her arms crossed the whole time, a condescending look on her face and a tone in her voice that said "I know more than you do" , answered...

"I'm fourteen"


I didn't know whether to laugh at her, answer snidely or pity her...

To be or not to be...

Co*her"ence\, Coherency \Co*her"en*cy\, n. [L. cohaerentia: cf. F. coh['e]rence.]

1. A sticking or cleaving together; union of parts of the same body; cohesion.

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.

...which should not be mistaken for...


1. faithful support for a cause or political party or religion; "attachment to a formal agenda"; "adherence to a fat-free diet"; "the adhesion of Seville was decisive" [syn: attachment]
2. the property of sticking together (as of glue and wood) or the joining of surfaces of different composition; "the mutual adhesiveness of cells"; "a heated hydraulic press was required for adhesion" [syn: adhesiveness]
WordNet® 3.0, © 2006 by Princeton University

One must not denounce and then be like...

There is therefore no coherency

I'm not going to do it...

After reading a "friend's" log I almost had the urge to comment, answer or whatever...


I decided not to comment because I realized a couple of things.

My experiences aren't the one my "friend" has. Therefore, my considerations are bias, and as much as one tries to be "above" any situation, it is practically impossible to answer without being emotionally involved...

It would be a waste of time...

However, in the end, the log did make my day. I hadn't read something so amusing in such a long time...


Passati quei mesi di riassestamento dopo aver trascorso qualche mese come "schiavo a progetto" in un campo di lavoro, posso dire che mi ha lasciato tante cose.
Ho conosciuto brava gente accanto alla gente che si merita di essere messa nel cesso, di tirare lo sciaquone e poi di usare l'idraulico liquido perché essi non rimangano attaccati alle insenature come zecche...
Mi sono potuta misurare con una realtà lavorativa che non conoscevo e per quanto sia riuscita a resistere (e nelle pessime condizioni in cui ero) sono riuscita a fare quello che potevo abbastanza bene, sebbene non avessi avuto l'esperienza per farlo.
A distanza di due mesi e mezzo mi ritrovo, a differenza di quando ho lasciato il lavoro (senza alcun prospetto futuro: l'importante era uscire da quella gabbia), piena di lavoro fino agli occhi. Ho dovuto perfino dire no a qualcuno.
Non mi hanno ancora pagato dall'agenzia formativa, ma so che è una questione di tempo. Poi fra pochi giorni posso mandare la fattura al secondo committente, e se tutto va in porto ne avrò un terzo che mi terrà occupata per qualche anno...
Torno a casa tardi, più o meno alla stessa ora di prima a volte. Tuttavia sono felice e questi si riversa sulla famiglia.
Il bimbo cresce, cammina e capisce. Mi piace lasciarlo esplorare il mondo attorno a se, anche se a questa età crea più scompiglio che altro. E' giusto che accada però e non voglio lasciarlo senza certe esperienze.
Ormai cade e si rialza senza aiuto ne lamento.
Voglio che riesca a fare così sempre.


I believe this quiz got me down perfectly!

Your result for The Golden Compass Daemon Test...

Multi-Faceted Soul


In a way, you are a truly balanced person. You have a good sense of self, but you have periods of worry and self doubt. You don't like to be alone a lot, but you don't like being constantly surrounded, either. You can be shy in some situations and bold in others. You can tell people how you feel, but you don't wear your heart on your sleeve. You aren't "TOO" anything: You aren't too shy, you aren't too aggressive, you aren't too extroverted, you aren't too introverted. However at any one time you can be any combination of these things.

You tend to adapt yourself to match the situations in which you find yourself. You may be quiet and sensitive with some people, or joking and loud with others. These are all facets of your personality. People tend to perceive you as they want to perceive you. They may even tend to idealize you a bit. Then, when you do something that doesn't fit their concept of who you are (like have an outburst of anger, or a fit of shyness, or make an insensitive joke)they can be shocked and surprised. Does anyone know the real you?

Your daemon would represent your multi-faceted and ever-changing personality, as well as people's tendency to idealize you. He or she would get angry when you did not, be calm and poised when you felt ruffled and anxious, and always be the voice of emotion and reason in your ear.

Suggested forms:
Swan, Elephant, Koala, Panda, Chameleon, Wolf.

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Jan. 3rd, 2009

Your result for The A-Muse-ing Test...

Your muse is Melpomene!

50% Melpomene, 20% Calliope, 0% Thalia, 10% Urania, 10% Clio, 0% Erato, 0% Euterpe, 10% Polyhymnia and 0% Terpsichore!

Melpomene is the muse of tradgedy. She is also known for her singing and as the "chanting one." She is a guide for the lost or those seeking a way to something, but they just can't quite figure out what or where. She can beautifully wear a tear or a smile, for she understands life to its fullest extent.

Call upon Melpomene when you are searching and need to heal yourself.

Sit somewhere quiet where you can be alone with your thoughts. Light a candle and gather some paper or your journal. Sit comfortably and allow yourself to fully feel the pain you have inside and ask Melpomene to help you bravely face it with honesty. Write what you are feeling and what you have experienced. Express your loss in yoru own way, with your own words. Now determine to be creative and use that energy in a new way. You are ready to create something beautiful out of your sadness and loss. Paint, sculpt, write, sing, or just explore a new place. Artistic creation will help you refind joy and reexperience life in a new way.

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